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Most of the equipment in the Red Mountain Makers space is on long term loan from key-holding members. Some is owned directly by the space itself.

When bringing equipment into the space:

  1. Ensure that your name and some contact info (email or phone number) is visible on the equipment.
    You can use the box below to create an equipment page in the Red Mountain Makers wiki. Given the equipment page a descriptive name. "Sewing Machine" or "Table Saw" isn't a good name. "Husqvarna 1200 Sewing Machine" or "Foomatic Straight-Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine" is a good name in that it can be distinguished from other sewing machines at a future date.

  1. Take a photograph so that people will recognize the tool. Upload it to the page that you've just created using the upload tool (grey bar at top of editing area).
  2. Then add to the inventory spreadsheet, using the form below:

Alternate link to equipment inventory entry form. The inventory spreadsheet is stored in the group's Google Drive. These entries will be used to develop the future RMM equipment database.

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