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Some tutorials, to get you started

We also have a small library of sewing books in the cupboard on the south wall, including a Reader's Digest how-to guide, fabric type sample books, shaping and structural techniques, pattern-making and individual machine manuals.

Project organization & design

Good tips regarding keeping all components of a project in a container, having a list that you can take with you of project parts, notions and required materials, and of taking a photograph once done
Elements of garment sewing

Selecting a fabric

How to choose a fabric type

Sewing terms

Introductory explanation of sewing terms and vocabulary
Burda sewing vocabulary
Glossary of sewing terms
Glossary of textile manufacturing

Sewing Machine basics

Sewing machine parts
How to thread your sewing machine
How to stitch
How to stitch on a curve

Sewing machine thread tension & stitch length

How to adjust stitch length and tension
Wikipedia list of types of stitches with links to applications
How to sew a button hole

Overlock(Serger) basics

Intro to an overlock seam

Overlock thread tension & stitch length

Perfecting overlock tension

Needle types

The right sewing needle for your project

Cleaning and maintenance

You should clean the domestic machines after each use, as they rapidly accumulate lint in the feed dogs and then bobbin mechanism. This tutorial will walk you through the basics.
The Brother industrial machine just needs the occasional brush out of the bobbin area. It has an oil pan and doesn't need oiling between uses.

Types of feet

Part 1
Part 2
Short shanks, long shanks and slant shanks

Sewing basics

Preparing your fabric - hint! - wash and shrink wearables that will be washed before you cut.
Preparing and marking fabric
Marking and cutting fabric
How to pin fabric
Construction basics
How to sew a top-stitch
Using your iron as a shaping and finishing tool

Historic costume tutorials

Costuming Diary patterns and tutorials - great resource!

e-Textiles & soft circuits

What are e-textiles?
Excellent tutorials and explanatory videos by Lynne Bruning
Soft circuit tutorials