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Deconstruction of RMM's first fundraising campaign effort - 2015

These can be considered minutes - meeting attendees:
  • Katie Elkins
  • John Rhymes
  • Shirley Hicks
  • Trae Watson

Sally had planned a three month sequence for fundraising.

First 100 letters to leading Birmingham companies 1st week November. Asked for addresses November 3rd.
$50 postage cost. No receipts received by treasurer. Who spent the money?
  • Shirley had the stamps - I'll check my receipts Velochicdunord (talk) 18:12, 15 December 2015 (EST)
$85 in envelope in Fundraising inbox - what was this from?
  • Donations for cater's deposit. Return to Miriam, JC, who else?
Other posters run at Office Depot? Was Sally out of pocket?
Where were posters put up? We need to take them down.
  • No posters actually posted.
Shirley said that Sally was pricing catering - did that move forward in any form?
  • No.
How many tickets were sold? Who to? Online ticketing site on Yapsody shows "Online Sale Ended".
  • No tickets sold.
Fundly web site needs to be transferred to RMM and/or shut down.
  • Sally to forward password to Shirley
Possible date - March 27th - semi annual general meeting?
Katie suggests May - nice weather -
Check event schedule - with Create Birmingham -
  • Richard donated a teeth whitening
  • JC donated something - check with JC.
  • UAB something through Steven W. - did Steven return anything
  • McWane - tickets? Where are they?

Katie recommends:

Posters shouldn't go up until max. 4 weeks before the event.
Tickets should be available for sale at the same time.
Donations should be sought through personal contacts, not letters.

Email should go out as soon as we decide what form to do the fundraiser in.

Possible dates:

April, early May?
Timed to when people have funds available after getting tax returns back?
Shirley and Katie to check with Create Birmingham as to 2015 and 2016 event calendars