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As a fiscally sponsored organization, the Red Mountain Makers have the opportunity to apply for grants and accept tax-deductible donations from foundations, business organizations, and individuals.

Grants may be available for educational projects if the projects are aligned with foundations' objectives and meet their criteria. This page is intended as a repository of information on foundations that may be interested in supporting what we do.

Foundation Center

A resource center with a reading room in Atlanta which offers a foundation catalog of organizations who give grants for various projects.
The Birmingham Public Library Central Branch's Business, Science and Technology Department has four computer terminals available access to all the Foundation Center information in the above link. Must be accessed at the central branch, not available online from home.


Corporate grants hub.

The U.S. Federal government website for all things grant related.

The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

Two cycles per year with the following focuses:
Cycle 1: The on-line submission process is open from Dec. 9, 2013, through Jan. 17, 2014, for proposals that address strategies for the following results:
Children are successful along the education pipeline.
People can lead healthy lives.
Cycle 2: The process for on-line submission is open from June 2, 2014, through July 11, 2014, for proposals that address strategies for the following Results:
Communities are sustainable, livable and vibrant.
Individuals and families are economically secure.

Other Grants Sources

  • [1] Alabama State Council on the Arts provides grants to non-profit organizations for programming that surrounds the arts.
  • CAWACO - Resource, Conservation& Development Council (RC&D) focuses on the conservation, development and utilization of natural resources to improve the standard of living in the Council area. We join forces with agencies and groups throughout the state to improve the social, economic, community and environmental assets. The Council meets quarterly to make decisions and identify projects to assist local people and communities.
  • Educational grants via Edutopia
  • For schools and student activities
  • From Adafruit: Another form of revenue for projects is applying for grants from places such as science foundations, universities, companies, individuals, or even government agencies. In the grantmaking world, there are people who have projects they want to see done whose goals and ideas might align with yours. There are many places to look review this grant organisation list at Science Magazine for a great start. Some might be simple search engine query away. Keep in mind that grantwriting can be a lot of work in many cases, and there are professionals that specialize in grant writing.

The Common Grant Application

common grant application site

Alabama Power Foundation

The Alabama Power Foundation was created in 1989 to "improve the lives and circumstances of Alabamians and to strengthen the communities in which they live". Over the past 25 years, the Foundation has donated more than $140 million through more than 20,000 grants and scholarships. Alabama Power stockholders invested a share of their profits to establish the Foundation, which uses earnings from its assets to fund programs.

Foundation Grant information is available at Applications are made online through the "Apply Now" link on the page, and the page lists the criteria, required information, and required documents.

Elevate Grants - for the purpose of helping build organization infrastructure and capabilities

Our eligible projects would likely focus on education and benefits to community life in the Woodlawn area. Applications should focus on potential "permanent, enduring improvements", the potential for duplicating the idea or program in other communities, collaboration by a diverse group to achieve common goals, and benefits to underserved segments of the population. We will need to demonstrate our sound fiscal management and accountability and our ability to attract multiple sources of support for the project.

The Alabama Power Service Organization (APSO) is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes employees from Alabama Power and its affiliated companies to support projects in the Alabama Power service area, with over 50,000 volunteer hours each year. While they do not provide funding, there may be opportunities to partner with them on educational projects.

The Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation

Has a focus on community and educational grants in the Birmingham/Woodlawn area.

Other community resources can be found on the site's resources page

Grant-seeking calendar

List of grants that appear to match RMM needs and relevant dates
Source Name of grant/program Documentation required Date due Status Next steps
Sample source Sample name List of documents required Date due (use year-month-date makes things sortable 2016-08-01 Status: Not-started/Started/Partly complete by percentages/Complete Next steps required - who is responsible
Sample source Sample name List of documents required Date due (use year-month-date makes things sortable 2016-08-01 Status: Not-started/Started/Partly complete by percentages/Complete Next steps required - who is responsible

Tips from the Space Federation

Finding funding options

  • Determine program areas of focus -- what do you do, what do funders care about? Make a list
  • Use internet and local non profit center to find possible grants (example: library at local university typically has grant database available)
  • Examples of keywords to apply: stem steam maker education tech diy

Create a grant calendar

  • What is it: a list of grant targets and funders along with the dates and times they are available or grant deadlines are due, and when payments are made
  • How to make it: a spreadsheet works well
  • Primary work: research, documentation
  • Use the Funding Options research

Form a grant library

  • Save all the pieces that you’re likely to need for grant applications into a central location for easy use as you start applying. Things like:
    • Mission & vision
    • Program descriptions
    • Operating budget

Tips from

Tips from other sources