HP Deskjet 3511

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HP Deskjet 3511
Owner/Loaner RMM
Make/Model HP Deskjet 3511
Arrival Date November 2013
Usable yes
Contact Print Lab Host, Shirley or Mykel Alvis
Where Print Lab
Certification Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value $90

HP Deskjet 3511 http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/HP_Deskjet_3511

General notes

Refurbished printer.
This is a relatively expensive printer to print to (inkjet ink consumption). If you need a large number of copies, print the original on this printer, and then copy on the KM-4035 Photocopier


Drivers for the HP Deskjet 3511 are available on the HP website. Look for the Deskjet 3510 series.

Mac - Shirley's notes

To use the printer from my Mac laptop, I downloaded and installed the Deskjet3511 driver.
I then set up an account and logged in at the HP ePrint page.
Go to the printer page, and enter "redmountainmakers_hpdj3511" into the @hpeprint.com setting. That should complete the configuration.

Linux Install - John's notes

Go to the HP Linux Imaging and Printing website's Install Wizard and follow the directions.

  1. Select Linux distribution
  2. Select versions
  3. Select printer type: Deskjet All-in-one
  4. Select printer model: Deskjet 3511 E-All-in-one
  5. Click [Next]
  6. Click on the Download HPLIP button to download the installer script.
  7. When the download completes, open a terminal and change directory to the directory where the script was downloaded.::cd Downloads
  8. Run the script and follow the instructions. Note that the version in the filename may be different when you run this.::sh hplip-3.15.2.run
  9. You will need to hit enter several times when prompted, and you'll need to enter your password.
  10. Follow the instructions as they are provided.
  11. When prompted, select Wireless connection. You will need a USB cable to temporarily connect to the printer to pull configuration information.


Once you have the printer drivers loaded on your machine, you should see an option to access the scanner. Turn that on. When you are within range of the wifi, the printer's scanning function should see your computer and send the scans directly to it.


Everything about this printer!
Reference Guide
User Guide


The printer uses the "Number 61" cartridges from HP, both for 3-color and black printing. The HP original cartridges, while expensive, yield more consistent results than the remanufactured ones. Apply any available coupons or discounts to reduce cost.
Staple's current selection

Certification not required, but it'll be easier to use if you ask for an initial demo.

The ePrint address of the HPDJ3511 is redmountainmakers_hpdj3511@hpeprint.com Members of RMM are also allowed and encouraged to add the printer as an ePrint printer in Google Cloud Print.