Hackerspaces and Makerspaces of America

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This a collaboration page and link repository for a slideshow about Hackerspaces in USA


To develop presentation on hackerspaces and makerspaces.

There are about 340 Hackerspace & Makerspaces in North America. This will be a slideshow presentation of 12 different spaces around the US.

  • Trae will be giving a description of his trip from coast to coast, stopping in various spaces.
  • Daniel Near will bring his experiences with two of Florida's makerspaces.
  • Shirley will describe the setup in Huntsville and Detroit. Points of interest include, space dynamic, governance model, equipment, infrastructure, problems and solutions.


  • Makers Local 256
  • Detroit i3
  • Pumping Station One
  • Knox Makers
  • Launchpad
  • Prototek
  • Quelab
  • Hacker Dojo
  • NoiseBridge
  • Dallas Makerspace
  • Tampa Hackerspace
  • St. Pete Makers

(plus a bonus presentation on a ceramic printer exhibit)

Folder with presentation and photos