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Membership dues pay for theSpace's rent, electricity, internet hookup, site security... so paying on time is kind of important. We can't operate without them.

If at all possible, we encourage paying your membership dues via the Red Mountain Maker PayPal account. This allows you to automate payment and to keep your payments current. Another option is to make a lump sum payment, then pay your dues from funds on account.

Writing a receipt

We keep a receipt book for cash payments in the cash box.

If cash flow is an issue, and you are paying cash (or you are a board member accepting payment from the member), please do the following:

  1. Take the current receipt book from the cashbox. Ensure that one receipt set of paperless carbons (white, pink, yellow) is on top of the cardboard writing sheet. Check the stamped serial numbers to ensure they match.
  2. Write out:
    Date of payment
    Who the payment is from (the member)
    What it is for (membership dues)
    Payment method - (cash, check)
    For which months, with start and finish dates. Making sure that the dates are accurate makes the treasurer's job easier. This is especially important when the member is paying catch-up dues.
    Member receiving dues is to sign the receipt
  3. Give white copy to member making payment
  4. Yellow copy should be attached to payment received and put in cashbox
  5. Leave the pink copy in the receipt book.