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Writing down notes because I just messed up hosting an event myself! Velochicdunord (talk) 05:44, 19 February 2016 (EST)

You are a keyholder and you have a friend who would like to hold a talk, demo, workshop or class at the space? Awesome! The following to-do lists will help it go well. As an event host, you are responsible for:

  • Assisting with event publicity.
  • Opening the space for the event.
  • Ensuring that the speaker, workshop leader or instructor has access to the tools they need for a successful event. Ask them what needs to be available. If RMM doesn't have it, arrange to bring it in. (If we need it often enough, it may be time to acquire one - bring it up at the next makers meet).
  • Ensuring that attending guests know where the restrooms are located.
  • Educating first-time visitors about theSpace, Red Mountain Makers and how makerspaces work.
  • Monitoring the event while it goes on.
  • Ensuring guests who go beyond the meeting room and restroom areas sign liability waivers.
  • Cleaning up after the event. Return furniture to expected positions. Put away tools. Wipe down surfaces, sweep and tidy the room used. Return it to, at minimum, the same condition in which you found it. That may not always be perfectly tidy, so take a few minutes and make it better for the next maker or keyholder. If, for whatever reason, you aren't there for closing up, ensure that another keyholder can lock up. Come back as soon as you can the next day to ensure that all this is done.

Before the event

  1. Check the RMM Meetup schedule. Is there something already scheduled? If so, talk to current activity hosts, to see what they need to ensure access to within the space to ensure the success of their events.
  2. Announce that you'd like to have the event at the next maker's meeting or on the maker email list. Get some buy-in.
  3. Schedule the event. If you are a keyholder, you have permission to do this on the RMM Meetup page. Choose a date, start and finish times. Ensure that this won't negatively affect other events previously scheduled (this is why you bring it up at the weekly maker's meet. Publishing the event ensures that our greater community (at time of writing, around 800) know about the event.
  4. Publicize the event. Ideally, you should do this at least two weeks before the event. For classes and workshops, you will want to give yourself at least a month. (You probably won't want to bother for smaller working groups where you want to get real work done).
    1. Annouce the event on the internal Makers email list.
    2. Share event details on social media and relevant email lists and subject matter websites. (DIYBirmingham, etc)
    3. Publish a blog entry on the website. This will push out automatically to our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Include a link for potential visitors to respond on the event Meetup page.
    4. Give event details to the RMM business admin (or other person with access to the account) to publish the event on Or set up your own account, and simply annouce RMM as the venue (is already listed). The business admin will also send details out to our class and event alert signup list.
    5. If an event likely to be of interest to the greater community, use posters in coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, beauty salons and barbershops to get the word out.

After the event

  1. Check with guest speakers and instructors to ensure that they had a good experience. Gather feedback. Bring back to the next makers meet.
  2. If there were problems with equipment or function, tell lab or room host. Default emails for roles are room or lab name host (all one word) at redmountainmakers dot org.
  3. Ensure that room is cleaned up and tidied.