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The current Lab hosts:

Other hosts:

  • Break room: Stephen Ricks
  • Communal areas

Lab host guidelines

Note: Lab Host guidelines are for the lab host to help other's use the Lab, not to dictate or slave over it. -Trae 2015.09.19
(Below guidelines are based on vote to approve a print lab host as precedent)

  • The Lab Host's responsibilities are over the Lab's cleanliness, equipment maintenance, user coordination, and education.
  • The Lab Host will ensure the cleanliness of the lab is kept.
  • The Lab Host will ensure maintenance of equipment in the Lab;
  • The Lab Host will coordinate and educate users on maintaining, cleaning, and using equipment themselves as it serves their needs.
  • In the event that equipment migrates to another lab the Lab host will continue to service over said equipment until a lab host is established for the new lab in question. In the event that users of the lab desire to organize, the Lab Host will coordinate and chair committee meetings based upon the usage of the lab and its equipment and will represent the committee in financial requests to the board and membership as needed.
  • The Lab Host will maintain access to resources for user education.
  • Lab hosts are to receive a $20 per month discount.