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RMM has a few mailing lists for outreach to community partners and supporters.

The existing mailing lists are:

Birmingham/Hoover MSA high schools and middle schools - created April 22, 2015.
Regional libraries, community centers and some community groups. - created April 22, 2015.
For access to existing mailing lists, please ask the current business admin or secretary.

The lists were created by Shirley Hicks and Andrew C.

First mailing - April 22, 2015.

260 letters mailed.


Photocopy paper - 4 pc information packet x 20¢/pg (cost per photocopy still being determined) = 80¢
1 envelope @7¢/envelope
2 labels @ 2.5¢/label (not including label ink costs)
1 - 50¢ stamp/envelope

______________________________________________________________________________________________________ $1.40/pc x 260 = $364?????

Numbers need to be checked against actual costs from receipts. - Velochicdunord (talk) 16:47, 23 April 2015 (PDT)

How to do a mailing

  1. Determine who the mailing needs to reach - is it to get information out, raise funds or to tell them something that we've accomplished lately.
  2. If you can use an existing mailing list - great! See the space business admin to get access. If not, you will need to build the one you need. We do not share lists. Use Excel or another spreadsheet program to store your list data. Check formatting, grammar and spelling carefully.
  3. Write the letter you need to send out. Edit it, and check spelling.
  4. How many copies do you need? If under 500, you will need to use stamps. Buy them. If over 500, you should prepare the mailing in accordance with USPS bulk mailing specifications in order to qualify for the bulk commercial mailing rate. Ensure that you have sufficient envelopes, return and address labels. RMM currently uses Avery 8195 labels for return labels and Avery 5260 for address labels.
  5. Using MS Word's or Libre Office's mail merge feature, and using your mailing list spreadsheet as the source, select your label template, create your fields and flow your data in.
  6. Stuffing the envelopes will go faster if more than one person does it. In order to do things quickly and well, break your tasks down so that your envelope stuffing crew can specialize doing one function at a time. Have one person fold, one apply labels and track the destinations, a third stuff the envelope and apply stamps.
  7. Print a master copy on the printer. Make the necessary photocopies. The photocopier settings that will allow you to collate your job. The machine also has a working stapler.
  8. When you have all your copies, For an 8.5 x 11 page, going into a #10 envelope, fold up the bottom to 1/3 up the page, then fold the top down over top. Do them all at once so you can do it fast. The following tutorials go over specifics:
  9. Put your return labels on the envelopes, then the address labels, then the stamps. Pack into boxes for delivery to the post office.
  10. Take to the post office and put in the mail.
  11. Local delivery takes about two days.