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Minecraft server http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/Minecraft_server

MineCraft server
JC and Stephen playing Minecraft with the game hosted on the new server
JC and Stephen playing Minecraft with the game hosted on the new server
Hosts Shirley, JC
Location Computer Lab
goals To set up a Minecraft Forge (environment for writing Minecraft mods in Javascript)
Purpose To serve as a platform for teaching introductory programming using Forge
Participants Sally, JC, Stephen, Steven
Materials G5 tower
Budget $100




  • Original idea was to set up PowerEdge 1800 as MineCraft server. Sally and Stephen looked over and tested the PowerEdge - wasn't running.
  • Steven brought in a G5 - awesome tower serves now as Minecraft server.

Accessible internally within theSpace at IP (Minecraft)

Next steps

  • Make accessible to internet with member login
  • Set up login protocols and a login link off of the Red Mountain Makers website



  • Shirley
  • Sally
  • Daniel W.
  • Steven W.
  • Stephen
  • JC


As of 6 Dec 2015, we now have a Minecraft server!
All productive work will stop at theSpace for the next four months!

Minecraft Tutorials and Resources

From Steven W.: "I recommend researching and making your own mods. There are tons of resources out there for this but it's very important to start seeing what you're going to get yourself into as it can get very very crazy."

Here are some places to start.