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'Documentation for RMM's 501(3)c non-profit application.

Completed the simplified application December 2014.
Received our letter April 2015.
Review our documentation, then delete this page.

We qualify for the 1023-EZ, Link to guide. Need to answer two more questions and we're good to go. It's saved at

Things we need to do before filing the 501(3)c

Identify your organization's mission. (done)
Recruit people for the board of directors. (done - but given that our board is "hands-on", we do need to establish a circle of advisors - Shirley)
Adopt governing documents - Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws. (done)
Draw up a business plan. ([ done)
Plan how to raise funds. (Need to do more work on this - membership cash flows established, but outside sources haven't been completed yet)
Hire employees or enlist volunteers. (not applicable. Our volunteers are working hard)
Establish recordkeeping systems. (in process)
Apply for state and local licenses, registrations and exemptions. (done)
Obtain a bulk mailing permit.
Purchase insurance. (done)

"To dos" related to the application

Check other makerspace's 990 filings at (need to register as a user) - done - SRH
Reference: "Prepare Your Own 501(c)(3) Application", by Sandy Deja
Sandy Deja's online notes explaining what supporting documentation should be incuded with each part of the form, with templated examples.

Application Checklist

Form 1023
Part 4 - Narrative Description of Your Activities - Using an attachment, describe your past, present, and planned activities in a narrative... Should be 1 - 3 pages. Ensure that that there is a paragraph or two describing where your funding will come from, and what your major expenses will be.
Questions to answer as part of the process:
  • What led to the formation of this group?
  • When did the organization begin operations?
  • When will the organization be fully operational?
  • What does the organiza¬tion do?
  • Who will carry on the activities of the organization?
  • Will these individuals be paid staff or volunteers?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • How many people can the organization serve?
  • Who is eligible to receive the organization's services?
  • What steps will the organization take to determine eligibility?
  • How will people hear about the program?
  • Exactly what will the organization offer to eligible individuals?
  • Will participants have to pay? How much? How was this amount determined?
  • Will people be turned away if they are unable to pay?
  • Where will the organization's activities take place?
  • What are these facilities like? Who owns these facilities?
  • What days and hours will the facility be open?
  • Where (geographically) will the organization focus its efforts?
  • How often will the organization have meetings?
  • What takes place at a typical meeting?
  • How will the organization obtain its funding?
  • What will be the organization's major expenses?
  • What assets has the organization purchased or leased?
  • What additional assets will be acquired in the coming years?
This is drafted - needs to be reviewed by other group members to ensure that narrative is complete. Narrative could also stand some editing. Finat target size should be three to four pages, excluding activity reports and planned financials
Part 6 - Information about Your Members and Other Individuals and Organizations That Receive Benefits
1a In carrying out your exempt purposes, do you provide goods, services or funds to individuals?...
1b In carrying out your exempt purposes, do you provide goods, services or funds to organizations?
2. Do any of your programs limit the provision of goods, services or funds to a specific individual or group of specific individuals, such as your members, individuals who share a common last name, individuals who work for a particular employer, or other limitation? If "Yes," explain the limitation and how recipients are selected for each program.
3. Do any individuals who receive goods, services or funds through your programs have a family or business relationship with any officer, director, trustee, or with any of your highest compensated employees or independent contractors listed in Part V, Lines 1a, 1b and 1c? If "Yes," explain how these related individuals are eligible for goods, services or funds. Notice 1382]
EIN number (we have this}
Organizing instrument (Incorporation + amendment) - updated done, this is ready.
Write conflict of interest policy?
Copies of any signed contracts (leases, service agreements, others?)
  • Copy of lease, utility accounts, all service agreements


Related organizational expenses

Filing Tax Return


Tax Training

Working group minutes

First meeting, Sunday, November 22, 2014

Next meeting

Monday, December 15th