Off-boarding - when a member leaves

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Things to do when a maker or member leaves RMM

AKA "Off-boarding". Ensure that the following are done:


Remove them from the maker and member email lists.
Ask if they wish to be added to newsletter and announce lists to continue to receive group updates and information (members that are no longer active, but whom have had a good experience are excellent ambassadors.)



Update and archive membership in Wild Apricot CRM account.
Check on and settle up any outstanding accounts (soda fund, fundraising for equipment purchases, projects, etc)

Web Admin

Remove backend access to website. If on good terms (and they are interested in posting material), retain as users, but reduce to an author or contributor level.
Reduce Meetup membership to participant - remove or reduce organizer status, update titles.

Business Admin

Studios - check with departing member as to arrangements for equipment removal.
Check on equipment on loan to space - make arrangements for removal, donation (and if needed) replacement.
Check library sign-out sheet - ensure all library books returned to RMM.

Security Officer

Collect key
Cancel security passcode

If the member leaving is a board member or has had a leadership role (Lab host, safety, tech, web, grants, fundraising), the following will also be required:

Update forwards on role-related email addresses at
Change signing authorities
Change related account access and passwords How-to