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Initially, this page will be a link repository to RMM outreach materials. As we grow, we will add community outreach tips and best practices.

Membership development tips


Design, visuals, webskin


Thank you card

Resource sheets

Resources for kids & teens
About hacker and makerspaces

Talks & presentations

General presentation on makerspaces
Talk given to the YMBC 12 Jan 2015
Link list handout related to the talk

Presentation tips

Find out as much about your audience as you can in advance of the talk. Tailor your presentation so that you are using an appropriate language level and draw analogies from examples that they understand. It is helpful to know:
  • Expected attendance
  • Age range
  • Education level
  • Familiarity with tech
Tailor the presentation to address their anticipated concerns, For a business audience, you want to talk about how makerspaces tie into the local economy and tech staff retention. For an educational audience, talk about how makerspaces support their mission. For an arts audience, you want to show how learning more about technology can help them push the expressive and educational boundaries.

Show Kit

Sociology & theory

Diffusion of innovations - here in the Birmingham area, my estimate is that we are still in the early adopter stage of tech education being considered important in middle and high school. Those working in the software development, tech, robotics, and tech infrastructure industries understand that its important. Their kids are exposed to this stuff at home. Here in the city, it's a different story. Teens and young adults are using tech, but there is a knowledge gap. They don't necessarily understand it and don't have a readily available framework with which to start manipulating it. In part this is due to not knowing people who have the information about how to do so.

Boy Scout Badges

Qualified RMM members have the capability to act as counsellors for the following Boy Scout badges:

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