Printrbot Metal Plus 3D printer

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Printrbot Metal Plus 3D printer
Owner/Loaner RMM
Serial Number Not Available
Make/Model Metal Plus
Arrival Date 29 January 2015
Usable yes
Contact Chris
Where Computer Lab
Certification Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $1300

Printrbot Metal Plus 3D printer


Manufacturer's product page
Repetier open source software, used to control the print.
Repetier tutorials


Auto-leveling & first 3D print
Loading a configuration file and printing your first STL print

Software to Create Designs

  • SketchUp: Simple 3D modeller
  • SculptGL: web-based 3D modeller based on "sculpting"
  • OnShape: web-based parametric solid modeller
  • OpenSCAD: CAD scripting language
  • OpenJSCAD: web-based CAD in javascript
  • FreeCAD: Parametric mesh/solid modeller

Software to Print Designs


Filament currently available in lab:

  • PLA
  • ABS

Please check with the Computer Lab Host to ensure that materials appropriate for your project are available. If you need to work with something different, run materials that you are bringing in by the Computer Lab Host prior to use.

Currently, 3D printer users are purchasing compatible filament ad hoc and donating to the lab. Usage isn't metered.

Operational notes

  • Please use glue stick for base adhesion, not hair spray or blue tape -- Chris.

Extruder Z-Calibration

This should only be performed in the event there is some issue with the printer

Use Manual controls

  • Turn ON both extruder heaters
  • Leave the bed heater turned OFF
  • increase Z height by 10mm.
  • Home X
  • Home Y
  • Home Z
  • Increase Z height by 10mm
  • Move X to the right by 100mm
  • Move Y back by 100mm
  • Enter the Gcodes on each line, followed by the ENTER key (Note it is CASE SENSITIVE)
G92 Z5
  • Make note of the current Z height
  • Decrease Z height by increments of 0.1mm while moving a sheet of notebook paper below the extruder
  • When extruder approaches the paper, decrease Z height by 0.01mm increments until it begins to drag.
  • Increase Z height by 0.01 and ensure the drag decreases, then go back down 0.01mm
  • Note the current Z height value
  • Subtract the previous Z height from the new Z height
  • Enter the difference value obtained in the next GCode line in place of -x.xx (NOTE: This value MUST be NEGATIVE)
M212 Z-x.xx
  • Increase Z height by 10mm
  • Home X, then Y, then Z using manual controls
  • Type the GCode commands:
G1 Z0
  • Check that the extruder is resting perfectly on the bed but not pressing down on it. There should be zero gap!
  • Increase Z height by 10mm
  • Extrude 20mm from each extruder to clear out the hot filament.
  • Home X, then Y, then Z.
  • Observe that the height looks correct
  • Print a test print and observe the results of the first few layers.

This tool requires certification for use.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Chris Lais Self trained
Jarret Vance Chris Lais
Trae Watson Chris Lais
Steven Wyss Chris Lais
James Nylen Chris Lais
Daniel Near Chris Lais