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6 packer
Owner/Loaner ?
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Contact Matt at Trim Tab robbimj@gmail.comm
Where Trim Tab Brewery 2721 5th Ave S
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Hackable yes
Estimated Value 5-15k

Project:6 packer ?


Trim Tab, a local brewery, has started canning and is looking for a better method to assemble cans into six packs. They are currently manually putting cans in a case carton then applying the snap-on can carriers.

The six pack can carrier is made by PakTech. The entry level packaging system will handle up to 120 cans per minute, which exceeds their needs since their canning system only produces 40 cans per minute.

They are putting up $5-15k for a 6 packer that can handle 40 cans per minute with minimal jostling to the cans and a means to kick out under filled cans.

John has a stack of the can carriers in the member storage room.