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Automated Chicken Coup
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Contact info
Date August 21, 2012 at 6:00 PM

automated chicken coop door for Hepzibah Farms in Talledega


Solar powered and automated. Finished design of the coop door will need to satisfy the needs of the farm.


  • table saw
  • motor
  • door
  • plywood
  • Set screws
  • hardware
  • drills (cordless or corded)
    • webcam (night vision or otherwise)
    • wireless router
    • motor cycle battery
    • trickle charger
    • solar panel
    • battery conditioning circuit



We will begin prototyping the construction of all the mechanisms to be applied to the door automation. This includes: programming the microcontroller, building the mechanics, assembling the power supply, testing the data collection/transmission methods, and other miscellaneous construction needed for the project.


Our ongoing group project continues. The chicken coop build is nearing the final stages and we will be working on constructing the door, electronics, hardware, and enclosures.


We are having a full day to work on the Automated Chicken Coop for Hepzibah Farms. Items Needed: table saw, motor, door, plywood, Set screws, hardware, drills (cordless or corded), webcam (night vision or otherwise), wireless router, etc... This will be a construction and test day. If you have promised parts for the project please attempt to get them to this meetup either by coming or by sending them along with another member.


More construction work on the automated Chicken coop door for Hepzibah Farms.