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Birmingham Maker Faire
Contact info
Date 18:14, 28 October 2014 (PDT)

As per discussion at the Southern Makers Festival, we’re setting up a Project page to coordinate and pool information for starting a Birmingham Mini-Maker Fair, in 2016.


  • Assemble all interested parties
  • compile a list of potential host locations
  • compile a list of sponsor pledges
  • Create a forum for organizers to collaborate (independent wiki?)
  • File MiniMaker Fair Application



  • Foomatic
    • Liasson:Joe Birdwell
  • Red mountain Makers
  • UAB
  • McWane Center
    • RMM Liaisons:Seth, Shawn
    • MCW Liaisons: KFournier[at]mcwane, LCooper[at]mcwane
  • MakeBHM
    • Bruce Lanier
  • Mesh Collective
    • Heather Holmes
  • AIGA Liaison
    • AIGA Liaison: Scott Fisk, scott[at]scottfisk[dot]com.
  • Paperworkers Local art gallery
  • SpaceOneEleven

To Contact

  • Makers local 256
  • Hack Mobile
  • MindGear?
  • City Councils/Board of Tourism
  • Birmingham Convention Bureau
  • Birmingham Business Alliance
  • TechBirmingham (Greg Wingo)
  • AlabamaSTEMEducation (Juanita Graham)
  • National Society of Black Engineers (Charles Cash)
  • Local tech organizations
  • School mailing list developed by Shirley HIcks and Andrew Clifton
  • Birmingham makerspace list serve



So far the only discussions i've had is with Foomatic, who suggested Birmingham as a central location, so i've been moving forward with trying to find hosts in Birmingham. As an industrial city their is a great deal of infrastructure and history relevant to making (we have a giant iron sculpture of the god of the forge on our mountain for instance), Many manufacturers that could sponsor, as well as several large science institutions willing to host and organize.Trae 18:23, 28 October 2014 (PDT)


We've had confirmed interest from UAB through Steven

  • Can cohost with Central Alabama Regional Science Fair, March 1st
  • The Green on University blvd

McWane Science Center

  • Warehouse next door?

Woodrow Hall

  • Woodrow Hall 2nd and 3rd Floor (volunteered by Andrew Morrow), also could use field next door

City Parks

  • Railroad Park
  • Sloss Furnace?
  • Vulcan Park




Potential Sponsors

  • Southern Company
  • Local Restaurants
  • Forbes Electronics (bham)