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Hosts Celeste, jc
Location rmm
Date 19:56, 23 October 2014 (PDT)

Making magnetically attachable curtains for the windows


The curtains in the Lobby space are made out of Black out fabric from Joannes that JC bought many months ago. Celeste and JC took measurements of the windows, and Celeste cut and sewed the curtain to fit directly into the windows.

As time went on, the big question was, how are we going to ATTACH the curtains? So JC, who is a big user and advocate for SUGRU link title

realized that we could probably embed magnets into sugru as well as put magnet on the windows with sugru so that the curtains would " snap on and snap off,"

However, the first set of magnets were too weak,

Therefore, through the guidance of Chris Lais, JC and Celeste were steered towards to very strong Ceramic magnets. JC purchased them, and they arrived 2 or 3 weeks later.

Most all of the curtains have been "magnetized, we only need to finish one of the doors and the windows above both of the doors

ONE MAJOR PROBLEM, is that the curtains are hard to put up and take down easily, we need to make some sort of stick that allows one to pick up the curtain and let it attach to the window,

also when the curtains are down, where are they going to be stored?

so yes this project has MUCH more to consider, any one with ideas as to how to make these curtains more efficient, don't hesitate to try it out