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Surveillance Cameras at Woodrow Hall on the RMM Networked, accessible and controlled via internet.

EasyN Streaming

Checked ZenMap for an open IP range. IP Address:

EasyN screen:

  • Settings button
    • Wireless LAN settings
      • Wireless LAN network list (scan)

-Red Mountain Makers

    • Basic Network
      • IP:
      • Gateway:
      • mask:
      • username: Guest password: RMM
    • Alias: Lobby Camera

Possibilities: Sensors: 10x, zigbee, insteon

Raspberry Pi recording

All recordings of the Raspberry Pi is being saved as jpeg and avi extension files. Currently port 8081 is being used to remote view the live feed and target directory to save files is being done to a local workstation. The application being used on the Pi is Motion, it is currently inside of a Mitaki-Japan Security Camera and pointing from inside the library to the front lobby and capture any movement that happens.

Totally irreverent fun bits

HASCII cam - converts the video stream to ASCII.