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Movable storage cabinets
ongoing (updated early June 2015)
Hosts Shirley
Location rmm
goals To convert existing tall exam room storage cabinets into movable storage
Purpose To develop flexible task and subject oriented storage.
Participants Shirley, Russell, Kurt
Materials Existing tall storage cabinets, n x (4 x industrial wheel sets), peg board, 5/8" or 3/4" plywood, paint. Talk to Kurt Fattig - he can get industrial strength wheels from Motion Industries at employee pricing.
Budget $500
Date 7 April 2015


We need additional storage in the space. We also need movable storage, so that equipment and supplies can be easily brought to work areas.


  • Existing tall storage cabinets
  • peg board (as required)

For wheel bases:

  • 5/8" or 3/4" plywood - existing sheet in space.
  • 1/2" plywood, scrap from other projects.
  • 10 x (4 x industrial wheel sets) (to be kept to same brand so that all storage units are the same height.) -- Purchase cost $90 - due at space in mid-June.
  • 4 sets (4 x industrial wheel sets, 2" wheel, 90 lb capacity) from Home Depot, purchased to get project going ($75) -- all used.
  • Primer (see Killz paint supply in maintenance room to left of sink, also paint trays, roller and brushes, next cupboard to right) and paint. Color to be determined.
  • Leftover decking screws from Russell's last home improvement project.


  1. Pull off existing kick plates on bottom of cabinets.
  2. Remove any nails sticking out (leftover from cabinet removal).
  3. Cut two new bases (front and back) from plywood.
  4. Attach with about 8 - 10 screws
  5. Screw in 2" swivel wheel sets, two braking wheels at front, and two plain swivel wheels at back.
  6. Test
  7. Trim off any extra trim
  8. Wash with TSP or citrus cleaner
  9. Prime (unknown paint base, assume that it's oil based lead paint)
  10. Paint


  • Shirley
  • Kurt (purchasing wheel sets)
  • Russell
  • Looking for more!


Shirley and Russell have converted two tall cabinets and two base cabinets.
Additional tall and counter height cabinets to be pulled from exam rooms and converted as adaption work done.
2 tall cabinets and two counter height cabinets converted, need to be washed down (with TSP, in maintenance storage cabinets) and prepped for painting.
  • Currently stored in member storage area.
  • Also - knobs or finger holes? Also need reinforcement inside on hinge edge (fascia was trimmed back)
  • Will need additional shelves installed, once use is determined.
  • Prime (primer in maintenance storage cabinets to left of sink) and then paint.
Was on hold for a while - we didn't have enough space (or time) to convert some of the cabinets being pulled out.

As of September 15th, 2015:

Spare wheel sets on hand - in Shape Lab
Apply any additional cabinets pulled out of kitchen, current maintenance room or member studio/work rooms. (need storage for Props Lab)