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Paint Booth
[[File:Antony paint booth.jpg|250px|Not so great but representative]]
Not so great but representative
Hosts User:MykelAlvis
Location RMM - The back room
Participants User:MykelAlvis
Materials Plastic, wooden framing, ventilation
Budget ~$300
Contact info
Date 10:29, 27 October 2014 (PDT) :

Build a ventilated paint booth for spraying of paint and other materials.


Painting is a messy business. We could use a place to pain that has an enclosure to keep the spray away from other things and people as well as ventilation. External ventilation would be preferred.

The box should be about 6'x6'x8' tall. This will allow us to paint rather large items, and when we build the Project:Powdercoat Curing Oven will allow storage of that item within it.


Wooden frame and platform above. Filtered ventilation/negative air pressure, hopefully with external exhaust. Doubled plastic sheeting walls, probably with LED lighting between the sheets.

I suggest positive air pressure with a pre-filter. This prevents dust and particulate from being sucked in through gaps between the panels. My dad's paint booth used this, and the results were exceptional.Dnear1 (talk) 18:58, 16 February 2015 (PST)




This project cannot proceed forward until the back room work is completed.

The "Website" link to the right is the Trello board for the project.