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Project Description

To build a modular RFID system used to trigger an unlocking mechanism for four of the the entry doors into the Red Mountain Makers makerspace. Eventually the RFID switching mechanism will be re-purposed for application on the two meeting room inner door locks and all shop tool AC outlets. The system should be built to log entry/exit data


  • Baird
  • dhj
  • Shawn -OP
  • JC
  • Mykel
  • russell
  • trae - has parts
  • Rick -has parts
  • chris -has parts


  • Ease/Speed of Installation
  • Lock mechanism choices
    • Electromagnetic Door Lock
    • Electric Strike Lock
    • Solenoid Electric Lock
    • Continuous Servo (front doors only)
  • RFID hardware
  • Microcontroller
    • Raspberry Pi
    • BeagleBoneBlack
    • Arduino Nano
  • Power and Data Communication
    • WIFI
    • CAT5
  • Battery Backup (during power outage)
  • Emergency Open button
  • Entry/Exit Data logging
    • Local Central Database (Permissions Table & Activity Table)
    • Web Database mirror of on premises data
  • Away mode (when no members on premises)
    • sends text message to members if detected motion near doors
    • sends text message to members if unauthorized door entry
  • Sound indicator
  • Key pad
  • Exit button
  • Door perimeter motion detection
  • Visual indicator for successful/unsuccessful RFID read

Vendor Suggestions

Electromagnetic Door Lock


Ethernet Shield

RFID Shield

Exit Button