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Project:Seed bank database Sand Mountain Seed Bank

Sand Mountain Seed Bank
Sand Mountain Seed Bank
Hosts Trae
Location RMM server
goals Semantic wiki for Farmers
Purpose Track strains of plant seed
Participants trae, colin, James, Charlot, Dove, Mo
Materials Mediawiki, Semantic Wiki Bundle,
Budget lol
Contact info
Seed bank database subpages
Date 17:28, 5 December 2015 (EST)

The Sand Mountain Seed Bank has been run by members of [Whirlwind Farm] for 15 years as a free Heirloom Seed Bank in Alabama. They have been using hand written labels and spreadsheets to track all of the data and are seeking a more thorough tracking method that people other than themselves can use to document the seed.

Save the Seed Network (temporary name?) is an experimental tool, being developed by members of the Sand Mountain Seed Bank and several members of the Red Mountain Makers, for farmers and students to enter data pertaining to crop growouts and their seeds which are being stored, tracked, and observed. It attempts to unify a wiki with a database using semantic wiki that is easy to use by anyone. Volunteers ask for seeds from relatives, friends or seed banks such as the Sand Mountain Seed Bank, grow them out, send back the seeds or store them. Creating this database will help everyone share and understand the plants that we make available to eachother.


Sand Mountain Seed Bank

  • Charlott Hagood
  • Dove Stackhouse

Red Mountain makers

Druid city Garden Project

  • Mo


Create a Database for the following purposes:

  • Experiment with Semantic Wiki
  • Create a tool that automatically generates Labels
  • That creates pages with tabular data as well as stories about a particular seed line that can be tracked by both farmers and those operating the bank.
  • Uploadable and downloadable data


  • Server
  • Media wiki
    • Semantic wiki bundle extensions
      • Data transfer
      • Semantic Forms
      • widget (for qr code labels)


  • QR code
  • Crop name
  • Source
  • Last Grower
  • Year of last Growout
  • Location
    1. History first 3 lines


  • Semantic Signup not working
    • Semantic forms out of date?
  • Extensions taking down the site
    • Semantic maps