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Solar dehydrator
Example of a down draft dehydrator
Example of a down draft dehydrator
Hosts Stephanie
Location Jones Valley Farm
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Website Improving Solar Food Dryers
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Date 19:13, 26 February 2013 (CST)

let's make a solar dehydrator for drying up fruits and vegetables electricity free! i've got some plans, just need some materials and hands.


appalacian state solar dehydrator plans


Solar dehydrator.png
  • Materials Needed (approximate cost is $150, excluding

stainless steel shelf screen)

  • One 4' x 8' 3/4" CDX exterior plywood for sides, vent

covers and door

  • One 4' x 8' 1/4" exterior plywood for bottom, roof and

south wall of drying box

  • approx. 12 - 8' long 1x2 pine
  • Two 8' long PT 2x4 for dryer legs
  • Water resistant glue
  • Caulk or glazing tape
  • Eight 1/4" X 2 1/4" lag bolts and washers
  • 24" wide by 30' long piece of black or dark gray

aluminum window screen (.65/FT)

  • Ten 21" x 14.5" Stainless steel screen for drying
  • shelves ($6.62/SF) adds another $150 to cost or could

use a vinyl or vinyl clad fiberglass screen for about .35/SF

  • 24" X 12 ft. 0.040 Sun Lite HP plastic glazing


  • Two 3 1/4" strap hinges approx.
  • Fifty 1 1/2" galvanized deck screws


  • Two 2" hook and eyes
  • One 4' x 8' 3/4" celotex foil faced polyisocyanurate

insulation board

Solar dehydrator 2.png