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Power Wheels Mod
at the race
at the race
Date 19:15, 9 October 2014 (PDT)



Power Wheels Car checklist

· Body

o Painted

o Stickers

o Mounted

o Seat?

· Battery Charger

o Charging pigtail with female blade connectors (8 gauge wire)

· Batteries

o Fully charged - Working at 12 volts +?

o Second set – on their way (3x) 12v 14ah LiFePO Shorai LFX14A1-BS12 (be here Thursday)

o Strapped together and insulated from bay plate

o Mounting bracket?

o Pigtail tightened?

· Battery connections

o (4x) Series transmission wire lugs crimped, soldered and shrink taped (4 gauge)

o (2x) Pigtail ring connectors crimped to (8 gauge) wires from battery

o Kill switch connected (Relay/switch or breaker?)

o In-line fuse connections

o Fuse inserted and mounted to frame

· Motor Controller

o Throttle connection

o Motor connection

o Blade connectors crimped to (8 gauge) wires for motor to controller

· Throttle

o Fastened to handle bars

o Printed switch piece

o Reset spring working?

o Pot connected and functional with motor controller (tested)?

o Control wires zip-tied to steering column

· Disc Brakes

o Caliper aligned and working

o Hand brake functional?

· Drive Train

o Sprocket aligned

o Motor mounted

o Chain connected and aligned

o Drive axle keys inserted

o Drive axle collar set screws tightened and locked with glue

§ Alternate option – can we get axle cut, lathed and re-threaded for ¾ bore nuts?

· Steering

o Tie-bars connected and functioning

o Handle bars connected and rotation test

· Tires

o Hubs mounted

o Tires inflated to 14 psi and holding air

o Front tires mounted and tightened

o Rear tires mounted

· Team flag

· Team Pit Sign with sticker?

· Dinosaur

o Dinosaur cart wheels mounted to dinosaur

o Dinosaur cart mount connection for car

o Dinosaur killing Nerf guns?

· Moxie skit organized

· Pit crew 3 people minimum (1 must be a PPPRS volunteer) for Saturday

· Pit crew 3 people minimum (1 must be a PPPRS volunteer) for Sunday

· Stickers (post race for Indiegogo perk)

· T-shirts? (post race for Indiegogo perk)



Jeepandmotor.jpeg Jeep Frame.jpg Mercedes engine fan.jpg Wheelparts.jpeg