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Project and Information Displays
Date 2015-08-29

One thing that is missing at RMM is displays of finished projects to show what we have accomplished.

We need to be able to show visitors good, functioning projects to help them understand what it is we do.


One way to address this is to create display pieces to hang in the hallways. One area of focus could be displays to serve as an introduction to microcontrollers.

  • One would feature an Arduino and focus on the Arduino as the best entry point for learning about microcontrollers because of its strong community at and the multitude of project examples available there.
  • Another could show the variety of Arduino clones that are available.
  • Another could feature a "minimum circuit" ATMega328 chip running an Arduino program to show that you don't need to dedicate a $35 board for each project.
  • Another could show a breadboard with a wired circuit (which could be the minimum circuit ATMega328 chip) with jumpers, LEDs, and sensors.
  • Another could feature Texas Instruments' MSP430 development boards and highlight that the same chips that are in many commercial applications can be programmed through the Arduino IDE. They also have a community at
  • Another could feature the ESP8266 and possibly the Photon to demonstrate low cost wireless capabilities. Their communities are and
  • Another could focus on the Cypress PSoC boards and their power and flexibility.
  • Interactive projects would be desirable - e.g. ultrasonic sensor measures distance and changes LED light display in response.

In addition to project displays, we could have purely informational displays.

  • We would need something focusing on,, and as sources of ideas and examples.
  • Electronic fundamentals (Ohm's Law, resistor codes, capacitor codes, etc.) would be useful.
  • Details on our major projects, such as the LED matrix (possibly including an example of the custom circuit board used for it).

Ideally, the display panels would be easily removable so that we could take them as part of our show kit when we go to events.


  • The Masonite divider panels stored in the Member Storage room could be useful - they could be cut to different shapes if desired.
  • Panels could be brightly colored, or could have printed graphic content (e.g. a physical USB power cord disappearing into a printed image of a USB connector plugged into a laptop).


Me, you, who else? We need some art and design talent, as well as viable project ideas.

  • John Rhymes
  • Shirley - estimated availability - February 2016

Specific Proposals

Add your ideas...

  • Interactive illustration of an on-off circuit
  • Explanation of circuit symbols (this can be a poster with handout link)
  • Interactive game or linkage tool to build circuits (mobile app? Has anyone else designed one yet? Quick google search turns up nothing)
  • Arduino-based demo of sensors
  • Arduino-based demo of circuit controls
  • Poster version of Introduction to the Arduino IDE and Processing programming language
    • Science and CS posters in general.

Drop image files above