Ridgid 12-gallon wet/dry vacuum

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Ridgid 12-gallon wet/dry vacuum
Ridgid 12gal WetDryVac.jpg
Owner/Loaner RMM
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date 1 December 2014
Usable yes
Contact Shirley
Where Maintenance Room
Certification Needed no
Hackable no
Estimated Value $125

Ridgid 12-gallon wet/dry vacuum http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/Ridgid_12-gallon_wet/dry_vacuum


Do not operate this vacuum without filters.
  • Operating the vacuum without a filter on the it will burn out the motor through particulate abrasion and clogging.
As much as possible, operate the vacuum with a dust bag.
  • This will prolong the life of the vacuum motor, and reduce the recirculation of dust.



How to change the vacuum filters


Ridgid WetFilter Pkg.jpg Wet vacuum filter (foam type)
Ridgid Vacuum DryFilters.jpg Dry vacuum filter (paper, 2 pk)
Ridgid Vacuum DryFilters.jpg Dry fine particulate filter (blue paper)
Dust bags