Rigol DS1102E Digital Oscilloscope

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Rigol DS1102E Digital Oscilloscope
Rigol DS1102E DigitalOscilloscope.jpg
Owner/Loaner RMM
Serial Number DS1EB134807033
Make/Model DS1102E
Arrival Date Jan 2015
Usable yes
Contact Will Daniels
Where Circuits Lab
Certification Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $200

Rigol DS1102E Digital Oscilloscope http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/Rigol_DS1102E_Digital_Oscilloscope


Rigol DS1102E manufacturer's page


Quick User Guide
User Manual
Programming Guide
Data Sheet
Rack Mount Guide
Service Manual


Unpacking an new Rigol DS1102E - good primer on the parts that should be included with the scope and how it should be set up.
Getting started - quick video guide


This tool requires certification for use.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Will Daniels Will Daniels