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Name Shirley Hicks
Gender Female
Birth place Canada
Current Neighborhood Cahaba Heights
Personality type Introverted, geeky, direct
Professions Wannabe developer, programmer, creator of things. Currently CompTiA A+ instructor with Innovate Birmingham
Hobbies Cycling, sewing, hacking
Skills Web development
cooking, DIY electrical, sewing, project management, instruction, computers
Programs and Apps InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, XCode, Eclipse, Sublime 3, PHP Storm, NetBeans, BBEdit, MS Office, VisualStudio, Project, Visio, Access
Languages Java, Perl, Bash, C#, Python, PHP, Javascript, Ruby
OS Mac, Windows, Linux

civics, design

Education and employment
Occupation CompTIA A+ instructor
Employer Innovate BIrmingham
Education B.S. InfoSys
AOCA (equiv. to BFA)
University University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ontario College of Art & Design
Contact info
Website personal website
Google+ Velochicdunord
Twitter Velochicdunord
Joined May 2012

Projects I want to build/program


Remote stove power on/off controls, preferably smartphone controlled
RFID controlled individualized cat feeders

At theSpace

LED Poster
Minecraft server
Movable storage
RMM Information System
SDS records
Tour de Loo installation
CS Unplugged Kit
Soil moisture sensor with tweets for RMM front planters
Bhamwiki GIS project
[Instructables vinyl cutter]

Software Development

Developing a self-guided historical tour with historic photographs that map onto the current landscape.
A customizable interactive social jeopardy-like drill game students or others who need to drill material can play with each other.
Mobile app for use with LED glass matrix display.
Studying (and working on) WordPress theme and plugin development


Custom skin for this wiki. Notes:

Mediawiki skin development tutorial

Group Development

Group listservs -completed!
PR and promotion - 30% complete.
Sourcing insurance - done!
Website - handing it off as fast as I can. Still mess with it occasionally. Messing with it more!
Wiki admin - had it's hiccups!
Business plan - done!
General waving of cluebats and keeping an eye on space operations