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Branding tasks

Photo library

  • Build a photo and image library
    • Gather, collate, edit and label digital photos into a digital photo library for use with RMM materials.
    • tag with image size, appropriate use, dates, people (as much as possible) activity type.
    • Determine repository location (currently, mostly within the wiki photo library)

Design next iteration of logo, branding, colors and themes

  • This is a significant task -- not to be started until web site framework rework is complete.
  • Requirements: logo and any supporting graphics need to work as one color designs, both black on white and reversed out (printed in white or black on coloured t-shirts and promotional material)
  • Logo needs to be modular, so that mark and type can work in horizontal, compact and vertiical applications
  • Logo should be usable in both 3D printing, CNC cutting, digital graphics and illuminated installations.
  • Fun, playful, inviting and intelligent.
  • Have a sense of humor.