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Fiber Lab wish list

Cordinator: Shirley, fiberlabhost at redmountainmakers dot org

High priority:

  • fabric bolt wall racks
  • Small, wall-mounted vending machine for needles and smalls
  • Old drapery weights, clean unrusted (small) chunks of metal & chain, (clean) bearings & metal shot, and large (clean, unrusted) washers to serve as cutting weights

Lower priority (for when we have more space):

  • Industrial steam iron and steam vacuum table
  • Large ironing surface (build)
  • small storage units
  • Storage, Tupperware-bins, boxes, perhaps roll around units
  • Resources - do you have any books on sewing and fiber you want to donate?
  • Dress Forms
  • Washing machine (not HE, older rotary tub) and dryer, for dying, felting, shrinking, etc.
  • Industrial rotary cutting equipment, presser.
  • Fiber community list/database so that creative community knows who is wher}e and what they do (co-project with Create Birmingham?)