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Shape Lab tasks

  1. Install a 15 Amp electrical outlet near the air filtration system (the air filtration system has a remote - and a timed mode).
  2. Set up bandsaw (remove rust from table top - affix table top, re-tension saw, etc.)
  3. Set up big drill press with vise (so it can be used to machine items).
  4. Test tools and perform standard maintenance on all power tools - clean, oil, lubricate, etc.
  5. Run pipe along wall for dust collection system.
  6. Determine what to do about all the other tools in the old shape lab (on the big 8 foot metal shelf).
  7. Move the small metal shelf from the old shape lab and put it in the Southeast corner of the new shape lab.
  8. Hang the remainder of the blue pegboards.
  9. Determine if it's feasible to put the air compressor in the basement (would need to use metal pipe for compressed air lines).
    1. Will any condensate/moisture run back into the compressor tank if we run such a long vertical pipe?
    2. Can we trap the condensate/moisture with a filter downstairs?
    3. Can we use a "wye" to facilitate trapping the condensate/moisture?
    4. We would need to run an additional switched outlet to compressor and leave compressor "on".
    5. How would we adjust the pressure "remotely" ? Could we set the compressor "higher" and add a pressure regulator in Shape Lab?