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20151112 172454 HDR.jpg
Owner/Loaner Houston Todd
Serial Number huh?
Make/Model wha?
Arrival Date 2015
Usable yes
Contact houston.todd at g mail
Where Member storage area
Certification Needed no
Hackable yes
Estimated Value $50?

Tent [[houston | Houston Todd]] http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/Tent

Assembly notes

The framework before being opened up.

Pulls out, then elevates to a 10' x 20' canopied area. Frame rickety until top wrapped around frame. Needs to be staked/nailed into ground for best structural strength.

  1. Stand assembly frame upright
  2. Pull frame outward at all four corners until resistance met.
  3. Look down and push in buttons on four corner posts that are catching the rafter framework as it is coming up.
  4. Continue to pull frame out until rafters straighten into place.
  5. Look for pin holes on all four posts - slide spring pin in at maximum extension.
  6. Snap four center reinforcement and canvas supports onto pins in extended frame (two per side).
  7. Unroll canvas (reinforces coated nylon, really) and stretch over frame. Secure at corners on velcro attached to posts.
  8. Secure the four velcro tabsl beside the four reinforcement supports.
  9. Extend all four of the legs and elevate the frame and the canvas.
  10. Secure to ground (large nails need to be acquired)