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Aliases Elias
Birth place Bham
Current Neighborhood the woods, shelby county / humbolt park, chicago
Personality type _NT_
Professions art production, props, set, sign making, murals, animation, illustration, special effects, clerk, editorial
Hobbies building things, optics, mummers, sustainable design
Programs and Apps image and video manipulation, adobe anything, maya, shake
Languages C, french
OS mac, win, linux

mycelium, silicone, Human-computer interfaces, 3dprinters, 3dsubtractors, sustainable design

Education and employment
Occupation artist
Education BFA in Art and Technology
College Birmingham Southern, SAIC
High school Altamont
Contact info
Blog Email me
Joined March 27, 2012
Permissions wiki admin


I'm a Bham native moving between alabama and chicago quite a bit. i'm looking forward to getting this hackerspace up an running. i'll be working on the wiki, and looking into locations for the time being.

i'm currently interested in ecologically sustainable retrofits to old houses, particularly stuff that takes you off the grid such as micro hydro/solar/etc, pla or alternative substance 3d printing, conductive silicone casting,

if your a smartphone app guru with I/O knowledge, or you know about intellectual property then i want to talk to you.

if you need an idea drafted in any form, i'm here for ya.

links that interest me


Micro hydro electric


LED lighting conversions