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Celeste P. Co-Organizer Location: Birmingham, AL Hometown: Birmingham AL

Why do you want to join the RMM?

RMM, a place to make, a living room to have invaluable dialog with others who also feel compelled to make and are fueled by limitless curiosity for what has been, what is, and what can be made. What is there not to love about this space? The space is always shifting, morphing, growing, begging to be used so come on get over here! Introduction Fiber, whether it is a pine needle, spanish moss, wool, nylon, carbon fiber, kudzu, cotton, hair, fur, honeysuckle vine, wisteria vine, and electric cable I am ready to play with these materials and with whom ever is interested in these materials too

Celeste has a website, its a work in progress link title

also here are some sculptures she made recently link title