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Software artist, getting in to hardware artistry slowly :)

I've been involved in various open source projects for 10+ years, including a few involving embedded/mobile hardware. Recently I decided to start getting in to the hardware & fabrication portion, but I can tell it will take quite some time to reach the level of knowledge I have with software :)

Programming languages most used (in order): C, C++, sh, perl, python, php, Java, JavaScript I know many more, those are just the one I use most. I can program in anything; It takes me a few days (at most) to become fluent in a new programming language / framework / instruction set, and I can often debug complex problems before then.

I have experience with programming at every level, from Games/UI/DB/Web front&backends to libraries/tools to OS/drivers to embedded systems to microcontrollers. I have limited (but growing) experience at the discrete electronics level.

My favorite esoteric programming languages are OISC, Funge98, and unlambda, in that order. I've written programs in Malbolge, and do not believe it to be turing complete.