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Daniel Near
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Name Daniel Near
Birth date Feb 08
Birth place Florida
Personality type INFP
Professions Design Engineer
Hobbies PCB design, hardware hacking, software development, 3d CAD
Skills Amateur micro controller developer Arduino, Raspberri Pi, Beaglebone-XM/black, PCB design using EagleCAD and ORCad, 3d CAD mechanical design.
Programs and Apps Autodesk Inventor 2015
Languages Arduino, C++, VB6.0, ASM (OKI 66K)
OS Mint/Debian Linux

LED lighting and controls

Education and employment
Occupation Design Engineer
Employer EBSCO Sign Group
Education Some College
College St. Petersburg College
High school Osceola High (Seminole, FL)
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Joined 12/03/2014
Signature Dnear1 (talk) 18:49, 16 February 2015 (PST)

Volunteer at Tampa Hackerspace. Active member & founding board member of St. Pete Makers Jack of all trades, master of none. Mechanically inclined, Handy with wood, metal, wire. Good at hacking (repairing and upgrading) engines and transmissions. Amateur Linux user, familiar with Mint, Debian

My Projects

Arduino-based Solar Water Heater Controller Toaster oven reflow

Tool box

Hakko 906, Hakko 808D, Arduino Mega