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I'm a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech.

Professionally, I play around with data using SAS. At night, I'm studying ROS, the open source Robot Operating System from

Name John Rhymes
Hobbies Need to get back into homebrewing; past BJCP National Judge
Skills Generating random ideas


Education and employment
Occupation Internal Auditor/Data Analyst
Employer Southern Company Services
College Georgia Tech
Joined July 2014


  • Pride Mobility Products Jet 7 powered wheelchair that will be the basis of robotics projects and other projects needing a mobile platform.
  • Raspberry Pi Model B, Ardweeny, TI MSP430G2 Launchpad, and TI MSP430F2559 Launchpad
  • Homebrewing system if we choose to set up a fermentation lab (Converted kegs, burners, pumps, carboys, soda kegs, grain mill)
  • A collection of metal cases from satellite receivers that are available for projects.
  • Random and miscellaneous items accumulated over 49 years in my late father's TV & electronics store.
    • Chargers for RC car batteries


Library Inventory

Created the RMM Library inventory using a bar code scanner to scan ISBN codes and a Python script to scrape book information from the web then building the Library Wiki page to display the list.

Need to add capability to scan books and other items to check them in and out by identifying or developing software to manage library.

Planned Projects

Make Reddy

My primary project is Make Reddy, taking a powered wheelchair and equipping it to navigate within a known space and perform useful functions.

ROS allows nodes (executables) to communicate with each other, even if they are on different devices, so a mobile platform operating within a fixed space can have the "brain" in a stationary computer communicating over the wireless network with the controllers on the mobile platform. It also opens the possibility of using fixed devices (cameras, ultrasonic sensors, or LED lights) to help identify the position of the mobile platform within the space.

Every Space Needs a Spaceship

Firmly bound to this terresterial orb, this spaceship is an "eye candy" project based on mounting a lightweight frame and skin on the wheelchair base to create a whimsical vehicle for parades and other community events. This will be proposed as a RMM project once the Space Lab is completed, and will be designed to hang (sans wheelchair base) from the ceiling of the Space Lab as a display, with a belly plate covering the opening for the wheelchair base.

Key decisions are on the overall aesthetic design and what to use for the outer skin. I've worked out how to mount the frame to the wheelchair base, but need assistance on the artistic side.

Library Check-in/Check-out

Identify or develop software to check-in/check-out books and other resources and track their status