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Name Katie
Aliases scrumdidlyump, Kt, yo mama
Gender f
Birth date july 10
Birth place bham
Current Neighborhood avondale
Professions artist, librarian, teacher
Hobbies organic gardening, dressmaking, hiking, building things, repairing things
Skills clay, kilns, sewing, knitting, painting, power tools, etc.
Languages german, japanese, english

anything that isn't boring

Education and employment
Education BFA Ceramics
High school ASMS ASFA
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Signature 19:06, 26 May 2015 (PDT)

My Projects

Cafe DuPont - I am creating dinnerware for Chris DuPont's restaurant downtown.

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Tour de Loo: I created a lightbox installation in Silvertron Cafe's bathrooms in May 2015 and won the juried prize! The lightbox was created mostly out of trash I found and upcycled.

11113142 10206526218453655 2653877653501507850 n.jpg

Phoneys Awards: I am designing and creating awards for the Phoney's - a Max Rykov Production benefitting Girls Rock Bham. These will be 16 headphones built out of clay and mounted on trophy bases.

I made the awards for The Founty's this winter - tiny golden urinals a la DuChamp: 10426198 10204458546116110 7027411333389011826 n.jpg

Dia de Los Muertos Birmingham: This is my third year being krewe captain for the children's area at the festival. This year I would like to build a puppet stage/storytelling area. There is always a craft - this year it may be puppet making with upcycled materials. Last year I build a giant calavera out of milkjugs with my team. The kids who came to the festival filled it with glowsticks and notes to loved ones lost from the inside of the structure. 10394030 10204976638955136 3275217322530516161 n.jpg10505380 10204976637195092 7303154949055444077 n.jpg

I run workshops in the summer to prepare for the festival. I am looking for crafty volunteers!

Tool box

a big rolling pin