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The crusty old curmudgeon that makes the machines go.....

Been an electrical man since 1963, when I repaired my first radio and wired my first model railroad. Had to make my own electrical switches out of a hacksaw blade and a couple machine screws. Money was tight in those days..... Attending electronics school starting 1966, where the instructer stated they would teach vacuum tubes, just touching on transistors 'cause they were a "passing fad" not to be taken too seriously. With both military (ship-board) electrical and foundry maintenance, drifted into precision measurement and control and later into field engineering for a computer outfit. When the IBM PC hit the market, it changed everything... Serious accident in a steel mill forcing me into the less demanding field of fiber optics splicing, on my own splicer and instruments. Eventually, even this was too demanding, so I now just build whatever pleases me when I feel up to it. All the while, teaching myself machine work, usually making my own parts for electrical devices and models, both small scale(H-O) and large scale, 2-1/2 inch to the foot(1/5 scale) though I don't have much room in town for such models and too old and tired to run back and forth to Garden City just to play trains. Serious home shop for electronics/electrical, model building, machine shop, wood shop, and railroading in miniature. Wife sews and makes pens(wood&c) Residence dates to 1887, constantly repairing, upgrading, renovating, and all that other stuff people do to their houses.