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My background is in nuclear engineering, as I started out as a nuclear reactor operator on a shiny new attack submarine just as it left construction in the shipyards. I did a lot of electronics design work and industrial measurement of metals using X-rays and gamma rays also, which led to my international software work on those very industrial measurement devices. Thick slabs of red-hot steel are gooey and bend like taffy, which I have seen, and hot as lava. Sufficiently high energy gamma rays can penetrate six inches of red-hot steel and have enough total energy remaining for thickness measurements. Hit zinc with dental-energy X-rays, and its innermost electon will flouresce with a distinct, measurable mono-energetic secondary X-ray that can tell you how thick the zinc coating is on steel sheets used to make car bodies. I was in R&D for a few years, they loved me there for some reason.

I have visited, lived in and worked in Canada, USA, Singapore, Mexico, Curacao, Philippines, England, France, Spain, Hawaii, Korea, Mainland China, Guam, Samoa, Burma (where I was married), Russia and Japan (where my daughter was born)