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Mediwiki v 1.19.7 installed August 2013.
Mediawiki v. 1.19.11 updated 10 May 2014.
Current installation of MediaWiki is 1.23.1
PHP version: 5.4.41 (5.4.41-0+deb7u1)
Navigation sidebar can be edited via MediaWiki:Sidebar
WikiApiary stats, with our version numbers, installed extensions and stats

Additional bits

"Meetup feed secure html snippet that Shirley] snagged from Freeside" (8/21/2014 email)

Extensions under consideration

Composer - an command line application which simplifies the search for compatible extensions.
LDAP Authentication to pull user credentials from an organizational member database.
Rename User
Mobile Front End?
Task management

Reference articles

Suggested wiki extensions for a corporate installation
MediaWiki discussion list archives