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see also our Accepting Donations policy

When we moved into our space two years ago, it was a worn out medical clinic. Not any more! We've removed a few walls, painted, upgraded electrical, installed new lights, and ripped out most of the carpet. The work on the long-awaited Shape Lab complete and we're setting up equipment. A fully handicap-accessible bathroom is in progress.

At this point, we're covering our operational costs from membership dues. While we have lots of technical expertise among our current membership and associated volunteers, we have a limited cash budget for renovations and investment in equipment. Working equipment donations would be extremely helpful, especially discarded surplus from your home, garage or company. Our current needs are listed below.

We are no longer accepting donations of old computers and electronics - we have sufficient inventory, including deconstructed parts.

Our next goal - CNC equipment for the new Shape Lab, and an entry-level commercial-grade 3D printer.

We are an Alabama incorporated non-profit, with 501(c)3 status and may issue tax receipts for donations.

You would like to give us some stuff? FABULOUS!!! Instructions regarding goods donations and tax receipts There's also information on how to make cash donations.



  • 3 x large wheeled garbage bins for recycling metal components and parted out computer components that we won't be keeping
  • Recycling bins for paper, plastics and metals.
  • Recycle USA Inc.

Materials for Construction & Repairs

Immediate renovations:

  • 3 metal doors (dimensions?)
  • Paint
    • primer/sealant that can be painted over paints with unknown base - gallons! (further note - we have multiple gallons of Killz latex primer and oil based primer on hand - but we will need more)
    • White/warm white, ivory or cream paint for halls.
  • reflective solar film for front windows (south facing, to deal with heat)
  • metal flammables cupboards for paint & chemistry storage.
  • 1/4" pegboard, all shapes and sizes.


  • electrical conduit, electrical boxes, outlets, light switches, light switch plates
  • concrete floor sealant
  • LED ceiling light fixtures
  • task lighting
  • under cabinet lighting
  • Ventilation ducting
  • Large garbage cans or bins for wood storage

Safety Equipment wish list

Safety Lead: Heather Fox, safety at redmountainmakers dot org

  • Flammables storage cabinet(s) (paint, solvents, cleaners...)
  • Smoke detectors/smoke detector and fire alarm system
  • Ear protection - muff type - we have lots of foamies.
  • Dust masks (ongoing)
  • Respirators (fumes, chemicals, dust...)
  • Bull horn (x2)
  • Flash lights
  • Intercom
  • Metal lunch boxes (front open compartment with metal latch)


Any amount of funds donated to RMM can also aid us in matching funds we pool for buying particular equipment.

Money pools

In order of priority

  • Plunger/Edible extrusion head - shawn, trae, mykel
  • 3D CNC Milling Carvey (laser cutter head addition?)
  • welder
  • Laser cutter
  • Precision Drill press
  • Precision circuit board cutter


General Components

  • Transport carts
  • Recycling bins (paper, metals, old electronic components) - Now higher priority!

Bio Lab wish list

Coordinator: John Rhymes, biolabhost at redmountainmakers dot org

  • 2-basin sink free standing
  • canning jars with lids
  • non-twist-top glass bottles
  • pots, pans, strainers
  • measuring spoons
  • digital scale, measuring in ounces and pounds
  • countertop-height lab stools (shorter than bar stools)
  • Vent hood and duct tubing
  • Benches

Shape Lab wish list

Coordinator: Christopher West, shapelabhost at redmountainmakers dot org

CNC cutters
Robust elevated lumber storage system

Circuits Lab wish list

Template:Circuits Lab host, printlabhost at redmountainmakers dot org

Quantity 1, unless specified

Priority 2

Priority 3

Miscellaneous shields for development boards

  • Desktop PC W/CAD software (Diptrace). We can start with the free version. There is a non-profit discount for advanced versions here: Diptrace pricing
    • Simulation software (Spice)
    • Compilers
      • Proton Development system PDS
      • "C" compiler
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Waveform generator Auction ends 5/24/15
  • Multimeter(s) - have 3, need more.
  • Hand tools such as diagonal cutters, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers, crimp tools (we have a good supply of everything except the crimp tools. But more never hurts)
  • bungee cords, all shapes and sizes (we have some, looking for more)
  • Benches and tables - three movable workstations set up.
  • Storage Bins for lab
  • Soldering tools (have three rework stations, need more for classes)
  • Precision Drill press
  • Precision circuit board cutter

Fiber Lab wish list

Cordinator: Shirley, fiberlabhost at redmountainmakers dot org

High priority:

  • fabric bolt wall racks
  • Small, wall-mounted vending machine for needles and smalls
  • Old drapery weights, clean unrusted (small) chunks of metal & chain, (clean) bearings & metal shot, and large (clean, unrusted) washers to serve as cutting weights

Lower priority (for when we have more space):

  • Industrial steam iron and steam vacuum table
  • Large ironing surface (build)
  • small storage units
  • Storage, Tupperware-bins, boxes, perhaps roll around units
  • Resources - do you have any books on sewing and fiber you want to donate?
  • Dress Forms
  • Washing machine (not HE, older rotary tub) and dryer, for dying, felting, shrinking, etc.
  • Industrial rotary cutting equipment, presser.
  • Fiber community list/database so that creative community knows who is wher}e and what they do (co-project with Create Birmingham?)

Print Lab wish list

Coordinator: Sally Kuhn aka Keycloud, printlabhost at redmountainmakers dot org

  • working large format continuous roll printer. B&W essential. (for printing patterns).
  • Wheeled metal or wood printer base unit (cupboard or rack storage type) that can hold a 27" x 27" laser printer. - High priority
  • Paper - general printer and photocopier - our consumption is going up.


Storage Zone

  • Coat/hat rack, that can take hangers (for member's changes of clothes/work clothes and coats)
  • Lock mechanisms/hardware for member storage _or_ lockable lockers.

Food Lab

  • Beverage and snack vending machine
  • Newer fridge (we have an old one that we started with two years ago, looking for energy efficiencies).

Furnishing the front meeting room and the office:

  • Priority! New-to-us (at least!) or new office quality projection system. Suitable specs as per the Amazon list - 2,000 - 3,000 lumens (so that it can be used in an illuminated room), XGA (1,024 x 768) or WXGA (1,200 x 800) resolution. Selection of appropriate projectors at Amazon
  • barcode label generator (to track equipment inventory)
  • A/V Cart
  • Literature organizer (internal mail/stuff distribution. Gotta have a place to stash those safety glasses you want to return, or part of a diodes order for pickup)
  • Two-drawer fire resistant file cabinet for storage of essential paper documents. (will replace current four-drawer unit)

Promotional materials

  • Collapsible trade show display framework
  • Plain white, red or black promotional folders with pockets (for press kits and new member orientation materials)
  • Printable CD/DVD labels
  • a scrapbook (yes, an old-fashioned scrapbook). We need to keep the press-clippings somewhere.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • wet floor markers
  • additional dust pans
  • recycle bins of all types

See Maintenance Room for current holdings and supplies.

Tech and IT:

Power cords and cable ties

Second phase wish list (when bulk of first round of renovations is complete)

Paint Lab

  • Spray booth
  • Spray painting equipment
  • Ventilation system

Digitization Lab

Profesional services

  • Grant writing
  • Legal review of policies
  • Accounting - advice and review
  • Assistance with outreach and communications strategy and planning
  • Next iteration of branding and design