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Getting started

Treehouse has a good 1-hour video introduction to the main WordPress editorial controls.

WordPress main site

WordPress main site
Codex - use to look up core PHP functions, hooks, filters and actions used in WordPress
New WordPress reference pages - sortable, filterable, excellent all-round look-up tool.

Other WordPress sites

WordPress Tavern
WordPress Engineer

Learn how specific sites are built

ScanWP - find out what theme and plugins are used on a given site.
Built With - what's being used under the hood
Wappalyzer - another tool that tells you which frameworks, servers, and tools are used on a site.

Facebook WordPress discussion groups

WordPress Help for Beginners
Intermediate WordPress
Advanced WordPress
All Things WordPress
WordPress Security
WordPress Speed Up


Wordpress book list From the Wordpress site - Shirley has personal copies (ask her nicely).


Various video links on Wordpress topcis

Essential WordPress plugins

For incorporation

How to add a terms of service agreement - use for the liability waiver and agreement to abide by bylaws.

Understanding SEO

SEO, or "search engine optimization", is the art of structuring website content to return useful-to-human search results to the search engines indexing the Red Mountain Makers site.

SEO Tools

  • Schema Creator - a website tool for generating structured data understandable by search engines.